What my clients are saying:

I did Strong and Steady Yoga the last two weeks, and it’s so good. I didn’t even break a sweat, but I felt it the next day. I didn’t need to “push myself” and it was super gentle and effective.

Stacy Spensley

Rachel has a vast and deep knowledge of the human body, which I don’t see often. She doesn’t assume she knows your body better than you, yet she gives lots of options to help you find what will fit and gently guide you to the intended movement. Rachel supports the movement you are doing, gives… Continue reading Katie Almeida Spencer

Katie Almeida Spencer

I enjoyed Savasana at the end of Rachel’s class. I reached an alpha state.

Frank Waters

Rachel is the rare yoga teacher who emphasizes the importance of finding a sense of ease and joy while doing yoga, and to respect one’s own body and limits. Whenever I attend her class, I immediately feel more at ease and a sense of calm comes over me. I think this is because I know… Continue reading Michelle Morris

Michelle Morris

As someone who acquired hip issues from yoga (likely from too much flexibility and too little strength), Rachel’s descriptions of hip position and movement in class have been so helpful! I spent several years wondering if I would be able to practice yoga again without causing further damage. Rachel’s clear and thoughtful instruction has given… Continue reading Marisa Trego

Marisa Trego