Photo credit: Chris Wojdak Photography

“I’m a beginning yoga student and found Rachel’s class to be very welcoming, instructive and rewarding. She is very good at teaching to a wide variety of skill levels (I have friends with a lot of yoga experience and they’re very happy with Rachel too!). I leave each class feeling refreshed and (more) balanced. Rachel has a great combination of yogic calm and real-world humor and humanity. Thanks Rachel!”  – Siri H.

“Throughout the years I have practiced yoga at home and the gym and have always loved the flexibility and strengthening benefits. Years ago I tried meditation, read several books on it but was not very successful at it. Your Yoga at the park class in San Diego was the first time I ever experienced what felt like true meditation, clearing of the mind. I was not expecting that. I was only focusing on the yoga moves and holding the poses, so the meditation experience was an amazing surprise for me. You have the perfect voice and demeanor for Yoga. Your class felt like therapy. Thank You.”  Dora L.

“Rachel’s lessons are thoughtful and and challenging, without being demanding.  I really appreciate the time she takes in creating a cohesive class, not just pose-by-pose instruction.  Thanks, Rachel!”  Jessica H.

“I am very picky about my yoga teachers and Rachel is one of the best. She has a way of teaching that makes me feel at ease during the class. She really focuses on yoga for the individual, not mastering a twisty position, while gently helping people to do their best. Additionally, she readily admits what is difficult for her, making yoga truly more accessible.” Katie A.

“Rachel’s classes help me maintain a healthy mind, body, and soul. Her instruction and adjustments keep me challenging myself to try a new posture or perfect an old one. I always leave a session feeling flexible and refreshed with a calm mind and a smile on my face. A class from her on a Saturday morning is the best way to start a weekend.” Marisa T.

“Rachel’s summer yoga series provided physical and mental pleasure every Saturday morning. Her adjustments and attention to each student made her practice incomparable to others.”  Megan B.