What my clients are saying:

I noticed that the combo of what I did during the day and what we did in class in the evening really helped alleviate the discomfort I was experiencing. One thing I found really interesting was how relaxed I felt after class, and it really got me exploring the idea of ease. I’ve noticed that in… Continue reading R. Dana

R. Dana

“The spinal strip really seems to help my back, and after I do those arm movements, I can rest the back of my head directly on the floor, which I can’t usually do. Also, my entire spine seems to rest on the floor, which it doesn’t  normally do either.” (These are Paul’s results after the… Continue reading Paul Krueger

Paul Krueger

Honestly, I enjoyed everything (about Therapeutic Yoga for Your Neck and Back): Rachel, the exercises, the small group, exercises sent via email so I could follow up (I have a bad memory)… I feel like I understand myself and my symptoms a bit better now.


I really enjoyed the session last night. I felt “unlocked” and I slept better than I have in some time with less pain in my legs, hips and back. (After completing just one class in the Therapeutic Yoga for Shoulders and Hips series.)

Ali Edgell

Working with Rachel has changed the way I notice how my body is moving, and taught me how to better listen to what my body is communicating.  I was able to go for a walk while wearing my giant 3yr old in a carrier on my back with ZERO pain for the first time in… Continue reading Rachelle Markham

Rachelle Markham

Working with Rachel was wonderful. It’s always a gift to be able to focus on yourself and your body for an hour, so to have individualized private guidance was incredible. I honestly didn’t know what to expect at first, and I was surprised at how “little” we did that had such a big impact. The… Continue reading Stacy Spensley

Stacy Spensley

I have just participated in several weeks of private sessions with Rachel Ishiguro. Here are the things I particularly noticed and appreciated. Rachel listens. She listened very well to the details of my experience, often changing something mid stream as she found a movement that more suited my particular situation. She also watched very carefully… Continue reading Elspeth B.

Elspeth B.

I have often bemoaned the fact that we STILL don’t have a machine that can scan you and tell you what’s “wrong.” Yoga therapy with Rachel is as close as I’ve gotten to that sci-fi scanning machine I imagine. It’s not instant results, but I did start to see changes, feel more at ease, and develop… Continue reading Katie Almeida-Spencer

Katie Almeida-Spencer

As someone who acquired hip issues from yoga (likely from too much flexibility and too little strength), Rachel’s descriptions of hip position and movement in class have been so helpful! I spent several years wondering if I would be able to practice yoga again without causing further damage. Rachel’s clear and thoughtful instruction has given… Continue reading Marisa Trego

Marisa Trego

Rachel is the rare yoga teacher who emphasizes the importance of finding a sense of ease and joy while doing yoga, and to respect one’s own body and limits. Whenever I attend her class, I immediately feel more at ease and a sense of calm comes over me. I think this is because I know… Continue reading Michelle Morris

Michelle Morris