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I want to live in a world that is less dogmatic and more intuitive, a world where we do less and experience more. Your body has a language, and learning to decode it can empower you make the choices that truly nourish your well-being. I would love to guide you through the process of discovering a practice that truly honors where you are.

I trust my clients to be in charge of their own practice. Whether you’re brand new to the practice or a seasoned yogi, I know that you have within you everything that you need to uncover your innate power and resilience, and I want to help you uncover that potential.

I’m so glad you’re here. I can’t wait to work with you.


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Relax deeply. Increase your awareness. Nurture yourself. Find the variety you need for a balanced practice.

Customize your practice. Learn to listen deeply to your body’s wisdom. Enhance your sense of wellbeing.

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Rachel is the rare yoga teacher who emphasizes the importance of finding a sense of ease and joy while doing yoga, and to respect one’s own body and limits. Whenever I attend her class, I immediately feel more at ease and a sense of calm comes over me. I think this is because I know this is a teacher who believes in my ability to deeply listen to my own body and bring about my own well-being and peace.

Michelle Morris

I enjoyed Savasana at the end of Rachel’s class. I reached an alpha state.

Frank Waters