Elspeth B.

I have just participated in several weeks of private sessions with Rachel Ishiguro. Here are the things I particularly noticed and appreciated.

  • Rachel listens. She listened very well to the details of my experience, often changing something mid stream as she found a movement that more suited my particular situation.
  • She also watched very carefully – not in any kind of intrusive or uncomfortable way, or in any way that made me feel awkward or judged, but more as if we were learning together, about each movement or situation. I felt very safe with her.
  • She taught me that the work we were doing was about self awareness and growth, not about making a particular shape with the body.
  • She taught me that movements do not have to be large or expansive and they do not have to move into the space of pain or strain in order to be effective.
  • She taught me to pay attention to my own body and to think about how I move, to not take movement for granted. I can take her ideas forward and use them in my daily life to make constructive changes in the ways that I move.

I would highly recommend anyone to consider private classes with Rachel. I found it an immensely rewarding experience.