Practicing Yoga with Pain

Photo by Tree of Life Seeds on Pain is definitely a sign that something isn't functioning quite right in the body, but the existence of pain is also a normal part of being alive. It's an indicator that the body is functioning correctly; it's communicating with you about what isn't working and what needs to change.… Continue reading Practicing Yoga with Pain

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Fresh Take Friday: Listening to Your Body

Happy Friday, yogis. Today, we're taking a fresh look at some of the cues that come up around the idea of listening to your body in your postural yoga practice. What is the right way to do this pose? Rather than looking at alignment "rules", I like to go back to look at yoga philosophy… Continue reading Fresh Take Friday: Listening to Your Body


Fine Tune Your Savasana Props

Sometimes it feels like using props is cheating, doesn't it? That may be partly because too often we hear language that suggests that props are for people who can't do "the full pose". This sort of phrasing makes it sound like different versions of a pose are less than (they're not!), and that it's possible… Continue reading Fine Tune Your Savasana Props

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Fine Tune Your Savasana: Obstacles

When we work in Savasana (Corpse Pose) - or do any relaxation or meditation practice - we can come up against obstacles pretty quickly. Examples might be pain, restlessness, turbulent thoughts, difficulty with the breath, chaos in our environment, or anything else that seems to disrupt our attention or our ability to remain still. While… Continue reading Fine Tune Your Savasana: Obstacles