No Props? No problem.

Are you doing yoga at home due to COVID-19? Missing your regular props? Here are some ideas for how you can adapt household objects to serve as props for your home practice.

Many of us are taking online classes or doing our own practice while staying home. But not everyone has the same yoga props at home that might be available in a studio setting. Here are some ideas for everyday objects that can double as home props.

✅ Use a belt, scarf, or bathrobe tie.
✅ Roll up a thin towel, crib sheet, coat, etc.

✅ Use a sturdy book or stack of books.
✅ If you’re looking to build the earth up under your hands, a solid box or storage bin can also do the trick, or even a large mixing bowl upside down.
✅ Stack cushions or blankets for softer support.
✅ If you’re looking for something to squeeze between hands or legs to create some muscular engagement, look for something the right width and weight: books, cushions, tissue boxes, etc.

This pose would be a great one to use books, small cushions, or tissue boxes to create a sense of reach and engagement.

✅ Even though you may not have the perfect blanket, any blanket will do! You may need to play with combinations and folds vs rolls to find the best support.
✅ Sometimes a rolled yoga mat can provide enough support, although the thickness and softness level will be different.
✅ Cushions, pillows, and towels can also provide similar support.

✅ If you have yoga blankets, fold them in quarters and then tightly roll from the folded edge to the fringe edge. If you need more thickness, roll a second blanket around the outside.
✅ Use a rolled sleeping bag.
✅ Use a blanket or sheet to bundle some pillows.

✅ Walls, counters, and furniture such as tables and chairs can create interesting support for your yoga practice in so many ways (more on this later).

✅ If you’ve been to my classes recently, you may have heard me mention that I rarely use a mat any more because I don’t like how it restricts my movement in space. If you’ve never practiced without one, start cautiously and experiment with care to make sure you have enough traction to be safe. You may need to make some adjustments to which poses you practice and where.
✅ Meditation, pranayama, and floor based poses never require a mat. If you need padding, use cushions, towels, or blankets.

Experiment and have fun!

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