Private Workshop Topics

For each workshop, you will choose a focus from the following topics. The exact content will then be customized based on your needs.

Asana basics

All of the different asana, or yoga poses, can be overwhelming at first. If you’re new to yoga or need a refresher, this is a great place to start! You will leave with a detailed understanding of several common poses – from the perspective of your own body’s needs.


Increasing your strength, coordination, and awareness of how the hips are moving is important if you experience hip pain, tightness, or weakness, or if you find standing poses challenging or uncomfortable. The hips are often the key to greater stability and ease in a wide range of yoga asanas.

Legs and Feet

Your legs and feet are your foundation for standing poses. Focusing on your legs and feet can help you feel stronger and more stable, and can improve your balance. Some people even see more openness in their hips!

Shoulders, wrists, and hands

Pain or limitation in the shoulders, wrists, and hands can be a challenge when you’re in a group class because we bear weight on the hands so often. In this workshop, we’ll troubleshoot your issues and find ways to build strength and connection through the hands and arms on the way to a more comfortable practice.

Low back

Low back discomfort is a common reason why people come to yoga, but each individual’s back pain is different. This private workshop will teach you to use your body’s own feedback mechanisms to work more skillfully within the poses. Because the low back is connected to… well, everything, expect to work in other parts of the body during this practice.

Meditation and breath

If you’re feeling stressed, unfocused, or overwhelmed by your whirling thoughts, this workshop can help you find steadiness and ease in the realm of the mind. You’ll learn some simple meditation and breath techniques and work on applying them within a simple movement practice.


Are you a backbend addict? I know I am. I am also in recovery from the pain caused by believing that bigger backbends are always better. If you’re with me, and you’re wondering if it’s possible to experience the joy of backbending without the pain, let’s explore another approach together. You’ll leave this workshop with a better understanding of how to distribute the work of backbending for stronger and more sustainable poses.


Balance is one of the key areas where yoga poses can prepare us to live more fully in our daily life. Find your sense of stability and groundedness as we explore the feet, hip movement, breath and meditation, and other factors that help you stay balanced and centered on and off the mat.

Custom workshop

Can’t choose just one? We’ll design a custom workshop that combines several areas to meet your unique needs.

What my clients are saying:

Rachel has a vast knowledge of the human body, which I don’t see often. She doesn’t assume she knows your body better than you, yet she gives lots of options to help you find what will fit and gently guide you to the intended movement.

Katie Almeida-Spencer

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