Online Classes

Due to COVID-19, I am offering all of my group classes online. Practice yoga in the comfort of your own home using Zoom. A Zoom account is not required to participate, but you may be prompted to download an application.

What my clients are saying about online classes:

I’ve so been enjoying the classes this spring! It takes a lot to get me to do anything other than work on the computer these days, but Rachel’s classes are worth it. Her presence is the same online as it is in person, and she’s really figured out a way to demo online.

Katie Almeida Spencer

Online Schedule:

Strong and Steady Yoga

Whether you’re new to yoga or want to deepen your practice, you’ll develop strength and balance in this weekly online class. You will explore ways to challenge your body without the struggle, using your awareness of sensation and breath to discover the sweet spot between effort and ease. As you move through poses in sometimes unconventional ways, you will build strength and stability within your existing range of motion. The pace is slow and easy to follow, and options are included for all levels of experience. If you feel intimidated by faster-moving classes, don’t think you have a “yoga body”, are coming back from an injury, or have just hit a plateau in your practice, this class is a great fit for you.

Class schedule: Sundays from 10:00- 11:00 am Pacific Time

Gentle Yoga: Tuning in

Experience the power of doing less. If you find it hard to slow down your body and mind, are concerned about hurting yourself in a more intense class, or just want to add some variety to your practice, Gentle Yoga is the perfect class for you. Through simple breathing and meditation techniques, and slow, intentional movement, this class provides you with an opportunity to tune into your body without needing to push yourself. All poses will be done lying down or seated (on the floor or your furniture), and the entire practice will be fully adaptable to your needs. Experience profound stress relief, and surface with a deeper sense of embodiment and ease that comes from tuning in to the wisdom of your own body.

Class Schedule: Saturdays from 1:00- 2:00 pm Pacific Time

Payment Options:

Classes are $10 per class or $40 for four weeks of unlimited classes. You will see a Paypal link after you register for your first class, or click below to pay now. Don’t close the window after you pay as you’ll be redirected to a page with useful class information.

I have limited scholarships available. If you need yoga and are unable to pay for class at this time, please get in touch.

Group classes are always free for my private clients within one month of their last session!

Questions about online streaming classes:

What equipment do I need to join your class?

All you need is comfortable clothes! A sense of humor and curiosity are also helpful as we navigate this new online format together. If you have a mat and some blocks, great. If not, a home practice is very flexible. Read about how to substitute household objects for yoga props here.

How much space do I need?

You’ll need enough room to lie down comfortably, and for your arms to move. If your children or pets are present, that’s totally fine, too!

Will you or other participants be able to see or hear me?

Your microphone will be muted during class to prevent background noise, and I’ll unmute everyone at the end who wants to stay and ask questions or say hello. Leaving your camera on during class helps me see how people are doing and customize my teaching to your needs. No one is judging your living room! If you’re more comfortable with the camera off, that’s totally fine. My video will be highlighted for participants, so everyone will be focused on me during class anyway.

Will the class be recorded?

No, these classes are offered live with no recording. If you would like a personalized video to watch on your own schedule or a private session, please contact me.

I’m a beginner. Which class should I do?

All of my classes are accessible for beginners.

If your main goal is stress relief, you want to spend time more working on meditation and breath, or standing/ balancing are not right for you at this time, start with a Gentle Yoga class. If you need to be in a chair or on a bed, Gentle Yoga is also a better choice.

If you want to work on standing poses, balance, and building strength and stability, you will love Strong and Steady Yoga.

Both classes will focus on building better movement patterns in the body. If you are working with particular limitations or injuries and are wondering how they will affect your participation in class, please get in touch and I’d be happy to help you find your perfect fit.

Have more questions before you get started? Click here to connect.