Asana, Meditation

Fine Tune Your Savasana: Tension

One of the things we may notice when we do Savasana (Corpse Pose or supine relaxation) or any embodiment practice is physical tension. Getting still and quiet, and increasing your awareness of your body can make those sensations particularly salient. It can be very frustrating when you notice how much tension you have or how frequently patterns of tension recur.

It’s important to realize that tension is not, in and of itself, bad. Wanting to decrease discomfort, however, is absolutely valid and may motivate you to get curious about your tension patterns. In today’s video, I discuss what tension might mean – and what it doesn’t mean – when you encounter it in Savasana.

To explore more about your movement patterns through the practice of yoga poses or to learn tools for meditation and relaxation, I do this work in my group classes. If you’d like an assessment of your unique movement patterns and a personalized practice, take a private workshop with me.

The information, instruction, and advice contained in this video and post are in no way intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. All content is for general informational purposes only. Not all exercises are suitable for everyone. Consult your doctor before beginning this or any exercise program.

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