Reflections on gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving!

With deep gratitude, from my heart to yours. Namaste.

As we approach Thanksgiving, those of us who live in the US are thinking about gratitude. This year, I have so much to be thankful for. To begin with, I’m alive!!! I’m healthy, and those I love are well and safe.

Not only do I have a roof over my head, but I live in an apartment I like, in a great neighborhood and with a beautiful view. Not only do I have enough to eat and drink, but I get to eat a range of delicious and healthy food. We joined a CSA this year, and we get plenty of gorgeous produce practically right to our door.

Not only do I have love in my life from all sides, but my man and I are getting married next summer. I’m so very grateful to have this amazing friend, partner, and supporter who wants to spend the rest of his life with me.

I am so, so grateful for yoga, which has brought so many gifts into my life. It has transformed my health, my spirit, my sense of fulfillment, and indeed how I view my work and personal life. I feel so privileged and honored to teach yoga, to have such beautiful and sincere students, to share the practices that mean so much to me. I am doing my dream job, and I can honestly say that I love what I do.

So, as an expression of my gratitude, Vinyasa Yoga at plan-B-fitness is happening on Thanksgiving morning, November 24th. If you feel like opening your day of giving thanks with yoga, I’ll be there at 7. Happy Thanksgiving.

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